Double Steak Day is an entirely American invention, just like Jazz, comic books, and the WMD in Iraq, but there are many similar traditions in other countries...


Of course, in Transylvania, they celebrate Double Stake Day, when regular vampires are stabbed twice with sharp, pointy sticks, and vegetarian vampires are stabbed twice with grilled cheese sandwiches.

In Scotland, they celebrate Double Stick Day, which at first sounds like it may be similar to Double Stake Day, but is actually just the day when everyone in the country simultaneously uses a strip of double-sided tape.

The Scotts also celebrate Double Scotch Day, which is sadly also a tape-related holiday.

But the British have Double Shot Day, which involves drinking two shots of alcohol and is celebrated when you turn two.

Spain also has a Double Shot Day, but it's devoted to political assassinations.

Germany has a Double Schnapps Day, which is also devoted to political assassinations. Schnappsian political assassinations.

And there's a group of polar bears in the Arctic that celebrate "RAWR!" which roughly translates to "Crap! I am not a fan of this whole global warming thing! Seriously, I am concerned about going extinct. Can you make a lousy holiday about that, pink fleshy things down south? No? Well, then what good are you! Quit wasting time eating steak, already! There are iceburgs a-meltin'!" Day.

That last one's not really related to Double Steak Day, but it makes you think, doesn't it?